Singapore Heritage Festival 2013 - Heritage Fest Singapore 2013

Heritage Fest Singapore 2013

Singapore Heritage Festival 2013 - Heritage Fest Singapore 2013 Photo exhibition

Heritage Fest Singapore 2013 Photo exhibition

Singapore Heritage Festival 2013

The Singapore Heritage Fest is a platform for Singaporeans to share their personal and collective memories together even as they are of many races and cultures.

The Singapore heritage is immensely rich, music, sports, traditional crafts and trading, arts... and the Singapore Heritage Fest is the occasion for Singaporean to share it with visitors. Many events will be held in different venues in the city. Most of them are grouped around 10 festivals hubs: Music at Bugis Junction, weddings art at Century Square, aviation at Changi Airport, magicians at City Square Mall, family life at Hougang Mall, mutli culture interaction at 112 Katong, food and spices at Plaza Singapura, stories at Tiong Bahru Plaza, sports at Novena Square.

 The theme for the 10th Singapore Heritage Fest is "Memories for Tomorrow". The festival will explore the link between the Singapore heritage and the future of the lion city, shared memories that shaped the current place making the pride and joy of Singaporeans.

What can be found at this festival: music, exhibitions, workshops, stories, puppets and magic shows, dances performances, local food, calligraphy, art.

The full guide of the festival can be downloaded on the official website.

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The different events will be spread accross 10 festival hubs.

  • The Swinging Sixties at Bugis Junction

Discover what Singapore music was like in the 1960s

  • Monumental Weddings at Century Square

Exhibition presenting a collection of intriguing archival and contemporary wedding photographs taken at 32 of Singapore’s national monuments from the early 20th century to the present.

  • Taking Flight at Changi Airport

Embark on a journey to learn about the special attachment Singaporeans have towards the airport, through snippets of emotional memories that people have accumulated over the years.

  • Magical Moments at City Square Mall

Explore the history of magicians in Singapore through many interesting shows.

  • Being Together at Hougang Mall

Dances, workshops, exhibition around personal meanings of "family" in our globalised and highly mobile world.

  • Crossing culture at 112 Katong

Learn about some unexpected connections between the cultures that have coexisted on the island, and meet interesting characters from the past.

  • Spice is Nice at Plaza Singapura

Discover the growth of spice as a trade, its impact on life in early Singapore, its uses and properties, and how it defines the flavours of the local and regional cuisine and pick up a few cooking tricks.

  • Trading Stories at Tiong Bahru Plaza

Exhibition on the stories of 6 workers of the past: a goldsmith, a movie poster painter, a tukang urut (Malay confinement lady), a Samsui woman, a poultry farmer and a letter writer.

  • Sporting Traditions at Velocity@Novena Square

Through sports, Singaporeans have transcended the barriers of language, race and nationality. Learn about the personal experiences of  Singapore’s professional athletes past and present.

  • The Arts House

Getting there


Singapore is one of the major aviation hub in South East Asia, serving more than 100 airlines from it's high quality airport.


Bus and Taxi are cheap and convenient to go the Area.


The different venues of the festival are located in the hearth of Singapore, at a short distance from MRT Stations.


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