Penang Bridge Marathon 2015 - Penang Bridge at night (

Penang Bridge at night (

Penang Bridge Marathon 2015 - Penang Marathon

Penang Marathon

Penang Bridge Marathon 2015

Since 1985, people from everywhere around the world come together to participate in this unique occasion to run across the third
longest bridge in the world, The Penang Bridge, the pride of all Penangites. This marathon is the only time of the year the bridge is closed from traffic for several hours.

The Penang International Marathon includes a fun run, a 10km run, a half marathon and a full marathon. Both amateurs and professional runners like to participate in this intense event starting in the night at 2am to avoid the heat of the tropics and to enjoy a cool run.

Upslopes and strong winds are to be expected.

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  • Full Marathon

Getting there


Penang International Airport has several domestic connections and international connections with Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, Japan, Philippines and Taiwan.


Bus routes exist between Penang and main cities in Malaysia and buses to Penang can be taken from Singapore and Thailand. There are also trains from Kuala Lumpur and Thailand.


There is one Ferry route between Penang and Medan, Indonesia


More information can be found on the visit Penang website:


  • Total elevation gain of 410m
  • Start at 2am

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