George Town Festival 2015 - George Town Festival artists

George Town Festival artists

George Town Festival 2015 - Street Art for the George Town Festival

Street Art for the George Town Festival

George Town Festival 2015 - Music Festival

Music Festival

George Town Festival 2015

George Town Festival commemorates George Town's inscription on the UNESCO World Heritage list by throwing a month-long celebration of art, music, theatre, dance opera and film. Each year since 2009, George Town Festival transforms Penang into an exciting and unique platform for the arts, heritage and culture.

The bustling and vibrant island of Penang, commercial and artisitic gateway renowned for centuries will become for one month the home of a frantic and energic artistic scene. From the thousand of decorated kites in the sky on the rythm of percussion music for the opening ceremony to the  music concert cloturing the festival. Local and Malaysian artirsts: musicians, dancers, painters, film makers, crafters will showcase their arty creations all around the city interspersed by additional international performances.

 The heritage area will also be in the spotlight through various celebrations in the hearth of the city, Street performances, craftmanship... During the 2012 edition, street art installations and decorations received a very positive feedback and was acclamed in international press.

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Getting there


Penang International Airport has several domestic connections and international connections with Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, Japan, Philippines and Taiwan.


Bus routes exist between Penang and main cities in Malaysia and buses to Penang can be taken from Singapore and Thailand. There are also trains from Kuala Lumpur and Thailand.


There is one Ferry route between Penang and Medan, Indonesia


More information can be found on the visit Penang website:


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